There are many popular arts and cultural activities in and around the Grosse Pointes:

ŸDetroit Symphony Orchestra.  The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, a leader in the world of classical music, embraces and inspires individuals, families and communities through unsurpassed musical experiences.

ŸDetroit Institute of Arts. The DIA's collection is among the top six in the United States, comprising a multicultural and multinational survey of human creativity from prehistory through the 21st century.

ŸGrosse Pointe Chamber Music.  Grosse Pointe Chamber Music includes both amateur and professional musicians who perform locally.Visit the Grosse Pointe Chamber Music Facebook page, call (586) 945-6830 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

ŸGrosse Pointe Symphony. The Grosse Pointe Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra dedicated to providing live, classical symphonic music to the community while providing an opportunity for local professionals and accomplished amateurs to perform the classics.

ŸGrosse Pointe Theatre. The Grosse Pointe Theatre’s goal is to engage and enrich our community by continuing a tradition of exceptional theatrical experiences

ŸGrosse Pointe War Memorial. The War Memorial creates and hosts special programs to promote patriotism and preserve veteran legacies.

ŸMichigan Opera Theatre.  The Michigan Opera Theatre is housed in the historic Detroit Opera House.

About Grosse Pointe Shores

The Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, A Michigan City, is located several miles north of Detroit, Michigan.  Most of the city is located within  Wayne County with the small northern portion located within Macomb County.

Grosse Pointe Shores is the smallest of the five Grosse Pointe communities occupying 1.1 square miles of land and 18.1 square miles of Lake St. Clair waters.  Grosse Pointe Shores has the longest shoreline of the Grosse Pointe communities, making it an especially attractive place to live.